Hello, the 84 brand is a sister company to WarBall, whose non-profit league  (www.bangball.org)  you support by purchasing products here. WarBall has reinvented football, making it compatible with cultures worldwide by incorporating Martial Arts and safe weapons into football.


It seeks to promote cultural understanding with this marriage of East and West. It also is safer to play, thus has women warriors and encourages youth play and character development. 

Our 84 brand is a new company based in California. We operate as a non-profit foundation (see budshido84.org)  to split profits to overseas factory worker's charities and WarBall's NBL non profit league.

We  disclose to you that even though our pricing is amazing, shipping can take a little time (10-21 days) since we source our products overseas. 

We wish this were not so, but the USA has limited consumer goods manufacturing (especially textiles) these days.To be competitive we need to import from Asia or Central America. But like you, we do not like to exploit any worker just to save money.


The average factory worker in China makes $3.50 and hour. That is 5 and one-half times less than the average in the USA..Note the poor seating postures due to lack of proper ergonomics.

Importing is not good for any country, including the USA, and also not good (click here for working conditions overseas)  for the low paid overseas workers.

We will donate to a local charities near factories overseas, but we want to do something more.  We are new (we opened shop early 2020 but have been dormant until WarBall grows)  so eventually we will figure a way to support the workers directly.

As to Fair Trade Certification, in China this is a highly politicized issue. We frankly have problems establishing the status of a factory. It seems not to be a subject one can even get an answer for. For more information on what FTC means, click here.

We believe in giving back but also looking inward with clothing that caters to people interested in Spirituality, Buddhism, Yoga and Bushido (Samurai) and ethical systems.

What does our our "84" mean?  The philosophy of Buddhism,  has 8 "righteous paths" that support 4 principles....Then we incorporate yet another 8 ethical codes of Bushido...A form of Chivalry from feudal Samurai that even to this day forms the bedrock of Japan's society. Bud-Shido's 84 is the name we call the combination of these two systems.

We hope our 84 brand will further the tenets of these values, and help people everywhere



Click this learn more about Bushido

We are not about just selling, we want you to enjoy our products and better your life....